Patient Testimonials

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Here are what our patients are saying ...

“Dr. Hancock is great! He is very accommodating for someone like me who doesn’t like getting her neck “cracked”. He has amazing ways to do what needs to be done. I highly recommend him if you are in this area and need a good chiropractor. He has an absolutely amazing staff also. They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet!” Joni T. –April, 2017

“My husband, teen daughter and myself have found relief from back pain and have had improved posture after continuing our weekly adjustment appointments with Dr. Hancock. I believe the benefits of chiropractic are not only in the relief of incidental or chronic pain, but in the tangential benefits of better overall health, circulation, and prevention of injury and disease. The staff is so friendly and welcoming, and the entire office is professional, warm and inviting. We are in and out very quickly and it’s super convenient to our home/work. I would recommend Dr. Hancock and his staff to anyone seeking better health or relief from pain." Debbie G. – March, 2017

“I have been Dr. Hancock’s patient for about two years. I have a fairly extensive health history of a heart attack, cancer, and stroke in my late 30’s and early 40’s. (I recently turned 50) I have always been health conscious but am plagued with some genetic health conditions. Dr. Hancock has ALWAYS treated me with respect and attention. My overall health has improved (proved by blood tests, a physical exam, and just plain feeling better!) with his care. He always has health tips for me to try, which I appreciate. His staff is amazing too. I look forward to coming to his office knowing that I will be feeling great after my adjustment!" Joanne K. – March, 2017

“I’ve had surgery on my shoulder twice with a rotator cuff tear and a labrum tear but have remained in a lot of pain. Dr. Hancock’s chiropractic approach has made it much easier for me to manage my pain and continue doing the things I enjoy in life. I strongly encourage you to join Dr. Hancock and his wonderful team in helping you out with your health." James K. – March, 2017

“I felt hopeless with finding help for my headaches before coming here! This place has done wonders already and I’m not even half way through my treatment! I strongly recommend going here if you are in any type of pain. The staff is so friendly and always so welcoming! Thank you all so much!" Morgan G. – February, 2017

“I’ve had back problems for years. Being a patient of Dr. Hancock’s after just a short time, I feel so much better and have a lot less pain in my shoulders. The staff is very friendly, the office is spotless and appointments always run on time. I would highly recommend this chiropractic office. They are wonderful!" Lilly A. – February, 2017

“Dr. Hancock has a wealth of knowledge. This staff really cares about you as a person, not just a patient. I received a phone call after my first adjustment just to see how I was doing afterward. X-rays are taken so that he can see exactly what’s going on and offer better treatment. I had problems I didn’t even know existed that he found and is helping. I would highly recommend University Park Chiropractic! Thanks!" Veronica S. – March, 2017

“I was very skeptical about using a chiropractor when I first began looking into them. Dr. Hancock came very highly recommended and I felt very comfortable speaking with him about my concerns. His explanations regarding the science behind adjustments made sense and the adjustments themselves were great. He took the time to explain what he was doing so I wasn’t caught off guard. It was a great experience!" Kristin S. – February, 2017

“Love getting adjusted at UPC! Staff is great and always look forward to my next visit! If you are in pain this is the place to go. Thanks Dr. Hancock and staff." Tammy B. – February, 2017

“I could barely walk after a bad fall the 1st time I saw Dr. Hancock. Within 2 visits he had me out of pain and walking great again. His staff is awesome! I go to him anytime I need pain relief." Christy G. – February, 2017

“Love, love, love Dr. Hancock! He explains everything, even calls to check in. Great staff too!" Angi S. – February, 2017

“The staff and Dr. Hancock are outstanding! I love the fact I can get in for an adjustment the same day. I call and you are in and out in no time at all!" Judy D. – August, 2016

“Dr. Hancock and his staff are incredible! Love my weekly adjustments!" Bryan N. – April, 2017