Dave Asprey Bulletproof PEMF

Pulsating Electro Magnetic Field

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Advanced Injury Repair & Rapid Reduction of Inflammation

  • For over 25 years the FDA has approved PEMF for bone healing and depression.
  • Our bodies are electromagnetic and every function is an electrical event, which starts in our brain and travels through our nervous system.  We have over 45 miles of nerves in our body.
  • Our bodies are like batteries, our cells have a measureable electrical gradient which is vital in their ability to repair an injury & fight off disease.  When our cells are adequately charged our cells can perform tasks like injury repair much quicker & with higher levels effectiveness.
  • How does our cells gradient energy become low? 
    1. Mineral levels are low due to nutritional deficienciescell energy and PEMF
    2. Our bodies are DC current, and should be plugged into the earth.  AC current (lighting, laptops, cell phones, TV’s) is everywhere draining our DC current. 
  • Our PEMF therapy will specifically target the compromised part of the body and significantly increase the electrical gradient of your cells thus considerably improving the cells ability to repair and heal.  PEMF is like a battery charger for the human cell.
  • Harold Saxson Burr PHD, while studying at the Yale University of Medicine, discovered that measurable imbalances in the electrical field of an organ precedes the onset of pathology. He also stated, “if the electrical imbalance is corrected, the disease does not manifest.”
  • Jerry Tenant MD wrote a book called “Healing is Voltage” In his book he explains that injured / damaged cells require 2x more energy to repair.
  • Another reason why PEMF is so effective at Advanced Injury Repair & Rapid Reduction of Inflammation is that not only does the electrical gradient of the cell radically increase, but the cell pulsation pumps out toxins.  As the cell detoxifies itself, it pumps fresh oxygen, fresh blood and lymphatic fluid into the cells of the injured / diseased area.
  • Because PEMF is utilizing a magnetic field it should NOT be used on or closed to any electrical devices. (i.e. pacemakers, defibrillators, cochlear hearing devices, cell phones)
  • PEMF – Does not move structure, therefore if you have a subluxation (pinched nerve) or other structural misalignment, Dr Donna can take care of that through natural chiropractic care.
  • PEMF – is NOT a medical device. It is an exercise machine for your body’s cells.
Background of PEMF Cellular Exercise Introduction to PEMF

Dr. Hancock's 4R Program

This is a unique, highly-effective and user-friendly program termed the 4R Program (refuel, recharge, regenerate, and realign) to help his patients obtain positive and healthy changes in their health.


Much like our cars need the proper fuel to run, our bodies need the right nutrients to reach optimal health. That is why the very first step in Dr. Hancock's 4R Program is to refuel with the essential nutrients needed to maintain a healthy and vibrant body.

Our bodies are made of the very earth we live on (proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals); these are the building blocks of life. Modern lifestyles have greatly decreased our access to these essential nutrients causing a barrier for many in reaching and maintaining their desired health. While this is cause for concern, the good news is you can still access these nutrients through proper supplementation. We understand that it can be overwhelming to sift through the vast amount of information out there on nutrition and supplementation. With Dr. Hanckock as your guide, "refueling" is simple and straightforward.


Magnetic fields surround every living thing in our world, so it's no surprise that the strength of this energy field is directly related to our health and well-being. The stronger our magnetic field, the more "recharged" we feel and the faster we are able to heal. The ability to recharge the body through Pulsed Magnetics is the missing link in most wellness programs, which is why our 4R program is so uniquely effective.


Continual regeneration is key to living a vibrant and healthy life. The two essential components of regeneration are "fuel" and "energy"; if these needs are being met our body will create new healthy cells each and every day.

We must maintain a clean working environment in order for the body to continually regenerate. By "clean" we are referring to the process of detoxification. This word has become a household term in the past two decades and with good reason. Many people have accumulated far too many industrial toxins due to our modern environment and nutritional habits. Our 4R Program teaches patients how to incorporate simple detoxification protocols into their daily lifestyle in order for the body to continually regenerate.


Your Nerve System is the master controller of your body.  If it is short circuited it won’t work well and can lead to poor health.  Eliminate the interference of the Nerve System, this will restore communication and proper nerve flow which will aid in restoring health.

"If the electrical imbalance is corrected, the disease does not manifest."
- Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, PHD, Professor of Anatomy at Yale University School of Medicine

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